New Man Export group is a cluster of companies with interests in the diverse areas of spinning and garment manufacturing. The group includes units like Yarn Spinning Mills, Knitting Plants, Dyeing Plants, Printing Plants, Embroidery and Garment Manufacturing.

Yarn Spinning Mills

Spinning success at every turn, the New Man spinning mill is equipped with the latest machinery available in the industry to manufacture quality cotton yarns. A well-trained team of employees operate the machines at the optimum level, which has 10000 spindles and a production capacity of 115000 Kgs/Month. This superior yarn is used in the production of export quality garments at New Man.

Knitting Units

New Manís knitting units produce fine quality fabrics from the high capacity knitting machinery imported from Germany. These circular knitting machines enable the company to manufacture fabrics of international standards and quality. New Man knitting units have 15 knitting machines with a capacity of 90000 Kgs/Month. The company manufactures fabrics like Single Jersey, Fine, Lycra, Loop net, Two-thread, Pique and many other designs in pointel rib, interlock, etc.

Dyeing Plants

Different shades of quality dyes give vibrant colours to the yarns that New Man produces. The dyeing plant consists of modern machinery imported from Germany for fabric dyeing. Non-allergic Azo-free dyes and chemicals are used in the eco-friendly processing plant. With a production capacity of 210000 Kgs/Month in the sophisticated soft-flow Machines, New Man colours the needs of clientele the world over.

Printing Unit

Printing designs that transcend the imagination are done to the best in New Manís printing units. The unit houses machinery imported from Singapore and Japan and provides a sophisticated printing experience. It has 5 Chest-Printing machines and 8 colour machines with a production capacity of 5000 pieces per day, enabling the company to deliver the output on time.